Goodbye, Pop! (weekly Internet task for May 15)

Next year, our school will stop selling surgary snacks and drinks. But our school isn’t the only one; it’s happening all across the county. Read more about it in this week’s Internet task.

Here are some questions to answer in your Internet journal:

  1. Three big pop companies just made a deal with schools…what are the companies?
  2. What percent of schools are affected by the deal?
  3. What kind of pop will be sold in high schools?
  4. What kind of pop will be sold in elementary schools?
  5. What kind of drinks might be sold at McGrath next year?
  6. Why are schools taking away sugary drinks?

Now it’s your turn!

  1. Post a comment to tell what you think about this issue. Is this a good idea? A bad idea? Why?
  2. Later, read some of the other comments, pick one, and write a comment about it. Tell if you agree with what the comment said, or if you disagree.

Start here: 

Time for Kids 

The Flint Journal 

Detroit Free Press 

Other Yahoo! News articles 

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17 Responses to “Goodbye, Pop! (weekly Internet task for May 15)”

  1. Gary A. & Jordan P. Says:

    Jordan P. says that pop does not make kids fat

  2. Gary A. & Jordan P. Says:

    Gary A. says i dont agree with Jordan P. because my coasen got a heart atack because of fat food!

  3. Gary A. & Jordan P. Says:

    If he had fat foods a lot, then that’s bad but if your cousin didn’t have it a lot then that’s ok.

  4. samantha&Kyle Says:

    Bad idea! We hate low fat milk. 🙁

  5. chance & will Says:

    I hat low fot food

  6. chance & will Says:

    I think low fat foods are ok.

  7. chance & will Says:

    I hate low fat milk to samantha&kyle.

  8. chance & will Says:

    Idont agree with willl because I like low fat milk

  9. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    We think that this is a good idea because it’s to much sugar for the kids at the schools. So having us agree means that we don’t want kids getting over weight. Our school would aiways be unhappy.

  10. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    To:Kyle& Samantha
    It does not matter if you do not like low-fat milk. Would you rather have everybody in the school get over weight and for everybody to be unhappy or for only two people to be unhappy. So we disagree with you a lot.

  11. Sabrina& Lizzy Says:

    To:Will&chance It does not matter if you like low fat milk or you like fat free milk because you won’t be fat or skiny.You will only be meideiam like me sabrina or lizzy.

  12. alex and christain Says:

    Are you sad that the schools are stop selling snacks.

  13. chrisb Says:

    Do you think they should stop selling pop

  14. bailey h Says:

    do you like this deal?

  15. bailey h Says:

    i dont care what they do

  16. katie Says:

    i go with kyle and sabrina i do not like low fat milk or water gets me sick

  17. katie Says:

    to baily i care alot it will make me miss school

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