Class activities for Thursday, May 3

Spelling: We learned that the Latin word vocare (to call) is a root word for many English words: vocal, advocate, vocation, provoke, revoke. The unit 10 worksheets are available here.

Cursive: Ten cursive sentences of seven or more words are due each Friday.

Reading: Today was a discussion day in Literature Circles. We also read Esperanza Rising.  

Writing: Students continued writing for our class newspaper project about our fourth grade year.

Math: We practiced fractions of sets problems (1/2 of 12 is 6, 2/3 of 15 is 10). Homework is to finish Journal pp. 193 and 195.

Science: We started a unit today on the sun, moon and earth. Students completed an activity to see that the earth is four times larger than the moon, and the moon is very far from the earth, farther than people guess when using models. Homework is to finish the moon experiment analyze and conclude questions.

Social Studies: We learned about the Erie Canal, that people used the Erie Canal to get to Michigan, that the Toledo War gave Ohio Toledo and Michigan the Upper Peninsula, and that Michigan became a state in 1837.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellows: 2 magnets
  • Oranges: 1 magnet
  • Reds: 0 magnets

Ask your student what kind of choices they made.


  • Juice Volunteers for Friday, May 4: Joshua W. and Alex S. Click here for a list of volunteers.
  • Mackinaw Fundraising: We are at 81% and only $481 away from our goal! Thank you for your donations and past fundraising efforts. Donations are still being accepted.
  • Mackinaw Trip Update: A few spots on the bus have opened up. If you would like to attend the Mackinaw trip, let me know. The cost is $125.

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