Class activities for Thursday, December 6

Spelling: None due to visiting the book fair.

Cursive: None this week.

Reading: None due to Bring a Family Member to School Day.

Writing: Today was a drafting day; students should be nearing the end of their draft. We talked about how it’s important to write enough so that the reader doesn’t have questions about what is happening in the story. To do that, a writer should aim for a minimum of two pages.  The next piece of writing is due December 20.

Math: Students made factor forests to review these concepts:

  • factors (numbers multiplied to get a product)
  • products (the answer to a multiplication problem)
  • multiples (more than one product, 2, 4, 6, or 5, 10, 15)
  • prime numbers (numbers that have only two factors, one and itself)

Science: None due to library.

Social Studies: We graded and reviewed the government worksheets from Monday and played a game to review what we’ve learned about government. A test will be on Monday over these concepts:

  • Branches of government: legislative, executive, judicial
  • Levels of government: local, state, national
  • Services of government (fire and safety, hospitals, education, transportation, military) and how different levels pay for different services

Bring a Family Member to School Day: Thanks to all the family members that visited our classroom today and helped us decorate our Arbol de Navidad with paper poinsettias, tin sun ornaments and popcorn garland!
Behavior Update:

  • Yellow magnets: 0
  • Orange magnets: 0
  • Red magnets: 0
  • STAR Awards: 3
  • Current Hours with No Magnets: 111

Check your student’s Personal and Social Growth grade at SnapGrades to see if your student moved their magnet.


  • View grades, assignments and even the report card at SnapGrades.
  • Check out our class calendar to stay up-to-date.
  • This week’s juice volunteers: thanks to responsible and generous families, we have a juice backlog, so no juice volunteers needed for a few weeks!

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