Class activities for Wednesday, September 16

Spelling: We reviewed long and short vowel sounds by changing words with short vowel sounds into words with long sounds (sat > seat, got > goat). We also noticed that short vowel sounds are made by one vowel, but long vowel sounds are made by two vowels.

Cursive: Cursive worksheet pp. 12-14 are available in class and due on Friday.

Reading: Students performed skits today to remind the class how to handle class and library books carefully. We also practiced the 5-Finger Rule, which is a strategy to select books. Students read a full page (about 100 words) and hold up a finger for each word they don’t understand (names don’t count). If a student gets to five fingers, the book is too difficult. If there are no fingers held up, the book may be too easy. All other books may be just right.

Writing: Students made a treasure map of buried stories today. They drew a map of a special, familiar place and placed an x at each spot where they had an interesting memory. Each memory could be a possible story. The first piece of writing, a personal narrative story about one of their own memories, will be due into portfolios Friday, September 25. Decorated portfolios are due this Friday!

Math: We continued to review rays, lines and line segments.

Science: None today due to library.

Social Studies: We finished exploring an Underground Railroad website and wrote some notes in our minibooks.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellow magnets: 4
  • Orange magnets: 0
  • Red magnets: 0
  • STAR Awards: 0
  • Magnets moved this week: 8

Check your student’s Personal and Social Growth grade at SnapGrades to see if your student moved their magnet. Need help with SnapGrades?


  • Writing Portfolios are due on Friday! Students can decorate them with drawings, pictures, newspaper or magazine clippings, stickers, or anything else that can be attached to the folder and laminated.
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Our Mission:
Every student in Room 130 leaves improved and prepared for 5th grade.

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