Hawaiian Beach Bash 2009

Aloha! It’s time to rock-a-hula at our Hawaiian Beach Bash! Here are all the CA Hawaiian 011details:

Who: Room 130

What: A Hawaiian Beach Bash!

When: Friday, October 30, from 9:30-11:45a

Where: McGrath Small Gym

Why: It’s our Halloween party, with Hawaii and beaches instead of ghosts and goblins.

How: We’ll all wear beach-type clothes (shorts, t-shirts, Hawaiian shirts, sunglasses, leis, grass skirts, hats, etc.). We’ll decorate the small gym in an Hawaiian beach theme. Students will play crazy, Hawaiian beach-themed games, and then we’ll have Hawaiian pizza and fruit kabobs!

Can you help?Flip flots

We need families to help in these ways:

  • To donate towards our Hawaiian pizza
  • To donate supplies, beverages or fruit
  • To help with setup, games or cleanup

Would you like to help? See our volunteer donation list or add your name to the guest list if you are coming.

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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