Class activities for Wednesday, November 6

Spelling: We reviewed common spelling patterns for the /k/ sound: k, ck, qu, ch, c. This will be the skill tested on tomorrow’s spelling test.

Cursive: Cursive workbook pp. 37-39 are due Friday.

Reading: Students practiced their Literature Circles Reader’s Theatre plays today. Groups will start to perform tomorrow.

Writing: We talked about the three main parts of every story: people, places, and plot (or problem). Every story has these three ingredients.

Students also started prewriting today by starting to list what the people, places, and plot of their story would be. Homework is to finish prewriting if not done in class.

Our next piece of writing is a fiction story, due Friday, November 22. Your students should be prewriting at this time.

Math: We practiced solving geometric patterns today, which are patterns involving shapes or figures.  Journal P2-5 is the corresponding journal page.

Science: Students finished the Sparky’s Light Kit experiment about completing a simple electric circuit.

Social Studies: None today due to our reading skills practice time. We talked today about looking back into a text to answer questions or think more about the text. So far, the class is tempted to try to remember or guess answers, rathern than look back into the text for the answers. This has caused some students to earn low grades for reading or MobyMax tests. Looking back to find evidence from the text will help students to improve their results.

Behavior Update:

  • Yellow magnets: 0
  • Orange magnets: 0
  • Red magnets: 0
  • STAR Awards: 1
  • Magnets moved this week (goal: 9): 0

Check your student’s Personal and Social Growth grade online to see if your student moved their magnet.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade.

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