Class activities for Friday, September 30

Spelling: We completed a spelling and skill test today.

Cursive: Ten cursive sentences, seven or more words each, are due on Fridays.

Reading: Today was an informational reading skills practice day.

Writing: We talked about writing complete scenes by including some action, some talking, and some visual details. Students also worked on their draft today. By Sunday night, your student should be half done with their draft (about half a page) if your student wants to stay on schedule. A personal narrative will be due Friday, October 14.

Math: Students worked on decimal place value skills at MobyMax or Khan Academy today. Homework is to practice math for at least 15 minutes using MobyMax Math or Khan Academy.

Science: We set up our next experiment about how clinical trials test medicines scientifically.

Social Studies: We read about how American Indians in different regions had different cultures and used different naturals resources to survive; they used whatever was available to them.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 6th grade.

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