Class activities for Thursday, September 7

We were busy today doing these things:

  • We learned about team responsibilities, including a class job and an area of the room to manage. Team captains create a “job schedule” to make sure each person had something to do to help the team.
  • We played People Bingo to learn some crazy facts about people in our class!
  • Students worked in teams to solve a tower building challenge. Students had work together to stack six cups into a pyramid using only a rubberband with four strings attached to it. The students had to pull the strings to stretch the rubberband in order to move the cups. There was a struggle at first, but everyone improved on the second try!
  • We also watched a video called Crash and Learn. We heard from a ski jumper who found out he had to crash in order to learn new tricks. He told us to not be afraid to crash, but to learn from mistakes.
  • We viewed mission statements from different businesses to get ideas for our own class mission statement: All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade!
  • Finally, we started thinking about if we need class rules or not. I floated the idea that maybe we didn’t need class rules this year. Some people loved that idea! (Is one of those kids yours?!) But then we thought about what people could do if there were no rules. We made a list. It’s interesting that 4th graders always make a list of selfish and unhelpful actions. No one says they could let everyone go first and give away all their birthday treats. This subject really exposes the heart. We’ll decide on class rules tomorrow, but I think everyone has seen that we need class rules to have a safe and enjoyable class.


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