Class activities for Friday September 8

We finalized our class rules today. We learned that we wanted to have rules so that our class would be safe and allow us to accomplish our mission. The students made a list of rules, but soon we had over 100 ideas. That was too many to remember, so we decided on one class rule: “Follow the High Fives.” We figured that if people follow the High Fives (respect, responsibility, integrity, empathy and perseverance), we would have a successful class.

Students received several new materials today:

  • A whiteboard to use in class
  • A colored file folder to use as a writing portfolio. I asked students to decorate this folder with pictures, stickers, or drawings. I’ll laminate the folders and we’ll use them to store finished writing this year.
  • A yellow folder to use as our “fridge folder” where we can keep leftover work.
  • A planner.

We also played a game called, “Win as Much as You Can.” This was a game where teams can work together so that everyone wins, or compete against each so that only a few win. Our class wasn’t very successful. We chose to complete, so only one team scored points. We might try to learn from our mistakes and play this game again in the future.

Finally, it was Team Day! Students worked in teams to try to solve challenges involved with moving as a team, lowering a hula hoop together, and untying human and rope knots. We didn’t always succeed after the first try, but we learned that we can solve problems by working together, listening to others, and persevering. Thanks to all the family members that helped out today!

Team Day 2017

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