Class activities for Thursday, September 5

Today was filled with more get-to-know-you activities and procedures:


We talked about if we should have class rules this year. I told the class that maybe we didn’t need them. Many cheered. Then we made a list of what kids could do in a class with no rules. Almost everything on the list was something bad or hurtful. We figured out it wouldn’t be fun to be in a class with no rules.

So then we made a list of 27 rules! That was a little much. We figured out we could cover everything on our list, good or bad, with one simple rule: “Follow the High Fives,” which are respect, responsibility, empathy, integrity, and perseverance. If we do that, we should be in good shape.

Class Agreement

We also created a Class Agreement:

  1. Turn and look at the speaker.
  2. Use your time wisely.
  3. Follow directions.
  4. Talk at the right time.
  5. Keep pace with others.

Students that struggle with the class agreement may bring a behavior letter home to their family.


We started playing a teamwork game called, “Win as Much as You Can.” So far, our class isn’t doing too well. We’ve only won $200 out of a possible $2,500. Maybe Team Day will help us work as a team more!


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