Class activities for Friday, September 6

Team Day 2019

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Today was Team Day! The class had to work as a whole class team and in smaller teams to solve a series of challenges. They had to persevere and not give up, and most of the challenges were solved with hard work!

The students came up with these Top Teamwork Tricks after Team Day:

  1. Encourage others.
  2. Persevere; don’t quit.
  3. Keep talking.
  4. Think together.
  5. Listen to others.
  6. Help the team.
  7. Focus on the problem.
  8. Be selfless. Other people matter.
  9. Stay calm.
  10. Learn from mistakes.

We also finished playing a game called Win as Much as You Can. During our first try, the class only earned $900 out of $5,000. In this game, when teams agree to work together, everyone wins, but when some teams try to “get ahead” of the others, not only do some teams lose, but the whole class loses out. This game has 10 rounds and it took until the final rounds before the class started to think about how everyone could win, not just a few. We played again and learned from our mistakes, scoring $5,000 the second time. We learned that we need to find a way to “win-win,” so that everyone can win, not just a few.

We watched a video called, Crash and Learn:

Students learned that it’s okay, and sometimes even necessary, to crash and make mistakes. But champions LEARN from their crashes, instead of repeating them over and over or giving up.


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