Class activities for Wednesday, October 16

Spelling: Students completed a skill test about long and short vowels today.

Cursive: Cursive pp. 16-18 are available and are due Friday.

Reading: Today was a reading day in Literature Circles. Students read adn wrote notes about their thinking.

Writing: We talked more about how the main ingredients of a story are the people, places, and the plot. Students also worked on prewriting places and characters today. Finally, students completed prewriting conferences where they commented on a partner’s prewriting.

A “fictionalized” personal narrative is due Sunday, November 3. Homework on weekdays is to work on writing for 15 minutes. Your student should be finished with prewriting a list of ideas by tonight.

Math: None today. We used this time to talk about how the movie, Gremlins, can teach us to be proactive. In the movie, Billy lets his problems grow from one, to six, to hundreds, affecting him, then his family, then everyone around him!

Gremlins aren’t real, but problems are. Students that learn to solve their problems (missing work, breaking our class agreement, not following school rules, etc.) while they are still small won’t let their problems grow and grow, causing unpleasant consequences. This is a great lesson to learn in 4th and 5th grade before the consequences get bigger in middle school.

Homework on weekdays is to practice math for 15 minutes using MobyMax or Khan Academy.

Science: We used a simulation to learn that different rocks usually form in different environments. Rocks and fossils can help us infer what a past environment might have been like in the past.

Homework is to finish any unfinished notes from last week and this week; science notebooks will be graded soon.

Social Studies: Students used a Google Drawing to sort federal, state, and shared powers. We also wrote notes in a minibook about important government ideas we have learned this year.

Character Strength: We are learning about integrity this week.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade.

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