Online activities for Monday, May 4

See our Online School Agenda to see what we worked on today. You and your students can easily get to the agenda from

Reading: Students continued to learn about finding the theme of a story and practiced theme skills at MobyMax. Most students haven’t finished the theme topic at MobyMax Reading Skills Literature that we started last week. Check the Online School Agenda for details.

Writing: We started a new writing topic about poetry. Today, we started reading a book about poetry, called, Love that Dog, as we also talked about the three ingredients of poetry:

  • Imagery: visual details or other senses
  • Music: a sing-song quality using rhymes or beats
  • Emotion: the poem conveys a feeling

Not all poems need to have all three ingredients, but poems have at least one.

Today, students watched a video read aloud of Love that Dog and then started working on prewriting for their poem collection. A collection of poems will be due Friday, May 15. Check the Online School Agenda for directions and links.

Math: Students worked on comparing fractions with unlike denominators using pictures. Check the Online School Agenda for directions and links.

Science: Students used a tool to encode an image into binary code, posted the code for others, and then practiced decoding the codes that other students shared. Check the Online School Agenda for directions and links.

Social Studies: None today.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade.

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