Class activities for Thursday, September 20

Spelling: We started a spelling pretest today.

Cursive: Ten cursive sentences, seven or more words each, are due Friday. 

Reading: We practiced Literature Circles reading groups today. In Literature Circles, students will read a small book and write notes on one day, and then discuss their notes a following day.

Writing: Students shared their writing with a partner to give each other revising and editing comments and suggestions on how to improve their writing.

Students should be editing for spelling, capitals, sentences, periods, and paragraphs at this point. A personal narrative is due Monday, September 24.  Homework is to work on writing for 15 minutes.

Math: We worked on decimal place value today, focusing on writing numbers in standard form, expanded form, and in words. Homework is to practice math for 15 minutes using MobyMax or Khan Academy.

Science: Students work in groups to make a terrarium with soil, grass seed, and alfalfa seed. We’ll use it as model to observe an ecosystem.

Social Studies: We read about how American Indians might have crossed over a land bridge during a past ice age to reach North America.

Character Strength: We are learning about curiosity this week.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 6th grade.

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