Online activities for Friday, March 27

See our Online School Agenda to see what we worked on today. You and your students can easily get to the agenda from We work from 9 am to 2 pm daily, with an hour lunch break, although today was a “half day,” we finished at noon!

Today was supposed to be the school talent show, so check out our Room 130 Talent Show!

Reading: Today as a Literature Circles discussion day. Students discussed their notes from the “Stargazing” book they read yesterday. Check the Online School Agenda for links. Reading is at 9:00 am daily.

Writing: Students did more prewriting for their I-Search informational research project. Students made a list of possible ideas and started to narrow down the list or choose one topic to learn about. Homework is decide on an interesting information topic to learn about. We work on writing at 1 pm daily.

Math: We worked on drawing angles today. Check the Online School Agenda for links to the skills we worked on and a tutorial video. We work on math at 11 am.

Science: We worked more on a science forum to discuss how a mother dolphin would send a sound to her calf far away, and how the calf could recognize its mother. Check the Online School Agenda for links and directions. Homework is to finish the Science Forum if not yet. We work on science at 10 am.

Social Studies: We learned about top Michigan and US imports and exports, and who are top trading partner are. Students completed a note page about what they learned. Check the Online School Agenda for specifics. Social studies is at 10:30 daily. Homework is to finish the Import and Export Chart if not finished yet.


Our Mission:
All students in Room 130 will do their best and get ready for 5th grade.

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